Proform® 440 Row Machine or Similar

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Key Features:

  • Large LCD Monitor
  • Oversized Aluminum Seat Rail
  • Soft Touch Ergonomic Handle
  • Transport Wheels
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Molded Seat
  • 8 Resistance Levels
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The ProForm 440 Row Machine will have you powering through strokes like a pro. One of the great benefits of rowing is that it combines aerobic and strength training into one intense workout. The variable magnetic resistance allows you to move from light intensity to high intensity where you really have to muscle through strokes. Once you’re done, you can fold this machine up and get back your floor space.

  • No Deposit
  • No Bond
  • Minimum 1 Month Hire


Basic Delivery = $70 each way

Exercyle going into a garage or through double doors.

Advanced Delivery = $130 each way

Exercycle going through a single doorway less than 900mm wide requiring the Exercycle to be dis-assembled and re-assembled once through the door(s).

Any questions regarding delivery, feel free to email us at or phone 1800 289 570


  • Large LCD Monitor: With this large LCD monitor you can keep an eye on your strokes per minute, total strokes, distance, time, and calories burned. Measure your training progress at a glance.
  • Oversized Aluminum Seat Rail: Built with lightweight, durable material, the 440R features an oversized aluminum seat rail.
  • Pivoting Pedal with Adjustable Foot Strap: Designed to keep your feet in place, these footrests are built with adjustable straps to increase stability.
  • Footrests with Adjustable Straps: Designed to keep your feet in place, these oversized, pivoting footrests are built with adjustable nylon foot straps to increase stability while you row.
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Molded Seat: Work out in comfort with this cushioned seat. Adjust it to find the perfect fit.
  • Inertia Enhanced Flywheel: Experience a smooth, steady stroke with the flywheel made to perform.
  • SpaceSaver® Design
  • Soft Touch Ergonomic Handle
  • Transport Wheels
  • 8 Resistance Levels

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Dimensions 195 × 57 × 97 cm